Privacy Notice

This privacy guide is written for the users of this website and of the contents that are available on it. This privacy guide was written by the prevailing owners of the website Dinoversum (as for the rest of this notice, the Data Manager) with the purpose to inform the concerned parties about the management of the received data. Given that the concerned parties can make free decision of whether to use the service or not, providing the sufficient data for its use is voluntary, and so is the act of supplying the data.

1. The Data Manager, the range of the managed data, the purpose of the data management

The Data Managers are the prevailing owners of the website Dinoversum. For the access of certain services of the website, it is required that you contact us by e-mail. During this process, the clients of the company provide the data they find relevant, which are handled by the Data Manager. When visiting our website, the data - such as the IP address (the network address of your computer on the internet), the date of the visit, the pages visited and other technical information are archived as well. This all happens anonymously, which means it can't be associated with your identity now or in the future. We don't analyze the data, they are serving merely statistical purposes. After statistical analysis - which is used so we can see how many visitors we have, and how we can provide the sufficiently fast operating of our pages - we delete the data. If you would like to know more about the topic, you can ask for further written information by contacting us though one of the e-mails listed below the Notice. We will surely reply to your request.

2. The methods and duration of Data Management

The data are stored on the Data Manager's own IT system, either on own or rented servers. Beside this, the data can temporarily be uploaded onto the Data Manager's other computers too. The duration of the Data Management starts with the user's registration, and ends with the cancellation of the user's profile, although, according to the legislation, we can handle certain data for longer (such as billing information, regarding to the tax bills). The management of the data about visits lasts for the time of the processing of the archive files, which are stored for a maximum of one year.

3. The protection of data

To avoid the unauthorized usage and the connecting mistreatment of the handled personal data, the Data Manager uses extensive technical and operational safety measures. We are continuously checking our security methods, and develop it in accordance with the technological development.

4. Access to your own data

The parties concerned can view their data completely at any time using the “user profile” function of the website, where they can see, modify or delete all of their data. If - for some reason - they can't get access to this, they can write to the e-mail address, or ask for information using any of the contact of the Data Manager.

5. Data transmission, additional recipients

We do not send the data of the parties concerned to third parties either in the European Economic Community or outside of it. We do have to send certain financial data to the NAV as required by the tax laws.

6. Automatic decision-making

Our system does not create a profile out of the concerned party's data of visit, nor does it make offers or define discounts.

7. Your rights and advocacy

You can file a complaint - to which we will reply as soon as possible - concerning any elements of the data management by sending your complaint to the Data Manager ( If you aim to signal your problem to others too, you can contact the Data Protection Authority of your country, inside the European Union.

Data protection policy

The owners of the website Dinoversum are determined in handling the client data of the citizens, furthermore the visitors, workers and clients of the site by the highest possible standards and as required by the GDPR. We are working on achieving this goal both as data managers and data processor. During our work, we ensure data protection that is matching the highest possible technical levels. To achieve this, we ensure our activities of handling and analyzing data with regularly revised processes that are developed and operated to be proportionate to the risks involved. The data protection that is built into our processes and our internal policies together guarantee that our workers and partners act consciously and by respecting the privacy requirements. We ensure the concerned party the possibility to practice the right of asking for information and the enforcement of the right to correct and limit the data that is handled by us according to the law of transparent operation. The parties concerned can ask for the deletion of their data, and can exercise their right of protest. In case you request it, we provide you the possibility of Data Portability. During our handling of the data and our data processing activity for our partners, we always have the appropriate legal basis, and we act according to the data handling goals and deadlines. We keep an up-to-date record of our data handling. If needed, we make risk assessment before starting to handle the data. We choose the best possible process based on this in order to lower the risks that could come from the number of the parties concerned and the type of handled data. To get more detailed information about the activities in connection with data protection activities of the ownership of the website Dinoversum, and to get the contact information of the Data Protection Officer please visit our website:

Legal notice

The is informing you that visiting its website means the acceptation of the following conditions at the same time: All content that can be found on the website is the property of the operator. The only one who's authorized to exercise the related rights is the owner of the The contents that are from partners are legally the property of the operator from the time of their publishing on the website. The is not responsible for contents created, forwarded or made available by a third party that are connected with the websites of, or those that link to these contents. The entitlement and remuneration of the content shown on the website is done according to the individual decision of the operator, and this includes the articles, opinions, materials, etc., that can't be used without the operator's preliminary written permission. Saving parts of the website on a hardware or printing them is only possible for you for your own use, and even doing so does not guarantee you the permission to use them, spread them, copy them, store them in a database, make them available to download or make the content commercially available. We do not take responsibility for the individual advertising methods set up by our partners. If a certain partner breaks the online ethical codex, the operator can delete that partner without a warning. In the case of certain contents, there is a possibility to draw the attention of third people by an electronic way (e-mail). If you'd like to place a link (hyperlink) to the website (or any elements of it) on your own website or some other website, you can only do that within the framework of partner work. In case of the violation of the laws on hyperlinks, the operator will have the right to immediately remove the hyperlink to the website, and demand compensation for the damage that was caused by the offending of the law. Thus, you are not entitled to acquire the legal notices and data policies from the downloaded website. In case of offending these conditions, the operator can demand the abandonment of the offending acts and can demand compensation for the damage.

Unofficial request for all our dear visitors:

The materials that are inevitably used in the making, developing or refreshing of the website are praising the talents of their creators. We tried to use these properly and without offending any lays, but in case we failed to do so, or if any of our visitors believes he/she sees his/her own work on our page and complains about it being published, or about the lack of source, please first contact us with confidence, in order to reach a compromise and avoid greater and tiring conflicts.
Thank you!